• Data collection of the water consumption process is done manually.
  • The existing pulse meter was not in working condition. 
  • Human interaction is needed to check the tank level of water.
  • Calculating the water consumption on each floor of the commercial building was difficult. 
  • The billing system was taking place manually


  • Our KarIoT device provides a dynamic billing system.
  • The float sensor enables remote monitoring of the water level in the tank.
  • Water consumption for the individual shop has been identified using a flow meter.
  • The overall water level and water consumption for individual shops are displayed on the dashboard
  • At the same time, water level and water consumption are also shown on the mobile app. 


KarIoT is able to address all the above issues by installing IoT devices and multiple sensors (for flow, level, quality etc.) without disrupting the existing supply system and infrastructure. All the information collected is securly stored over cloud and readily available for monitoring and analysis. Unlike alternate methods, KarIoT is able tp provide smart, portable and cost-effective solution to the panchayat without a huge investment.

Water is the biggest
humanitarian crisis in the history
of independent India


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