smart water management using iot

KarIoT Overview

In 2019, for nearly 200 days 7 million people of Chennai metropolitan city went without a drop of rain.Water being the most valuable resource available to mankind. Especially in drought affected areas like Chennai; conservation, usage and monitoring of water is utmost important.

KarIoT is built as a complete remote water management system merged with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) Technologies.With technology, we aim to revolutionize water management system for generations to come.

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Major goals of

Smart Water Management

As the population growth is increasing day by day and raising environmental problems, the fundamental objective of smart water management is recycling of water resources. The major objectives are listed below:

water quality water quality
Enhancing water quality

Enhancing water quality & hinders contamination by the chemical wastage substances. The sensor-based technology is used to preserve the quality of water.

water quality water quality
Diminish wasting of water

Diminish wasting of water is used in enormous volumes such as industrial units, agriculture. It indicates the major practices of smart farming, real-time metering.

water quality water quality
Monitoring of leakage control

Monitoring of leakage control is processed by smart water management techniques & sensors. As water is a precious resource, leakage should be controlled.

water quality water quality
Upgrading of water systems

Upgrading of water systems is a major necessity and the overall efficiency is increased by making use of water collectors, treatment plants, distribution areas.

smart water management system

Classified role of IoT

in Water Industry

The IoT helps the water industry to attain its goals easily and unites all the systems including raw water, treatment plants, utility companies, etc. IoT technology stands at its peak position and still now, no other technology has replaced it. This one has been provided transparency, real-time monitoring, automation of human power, etc.

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standard IoT

Applications in Water Management

  • building High-rise building
  • building Sewage Water Treatment
  • building Agriculture
  • building Factories
  • building Individual House
  • building Commercial Building
  • building Hospitals
  • building Schools & college

KarIoT and its uses

  • Automated Water Reading

    Record water levels real-time at storage tanks / sumps

  • Automatic Power Control

    Switch motor ON / OFF based on water levels

  • Pay as per Usage

    Generate bills and know statistics of water and usage

water management using iot
  • Tanker Lorry Management

    Record water levels real-time at storage tanks / sumps

  • Leakage Alert Notification

    Monitor consumption, inlet / outlet flow and leakages

  • Check Water Quality

    Check for any harmful arsenics and report authorities

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HOW KarIoT Works
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Our specialization
A detailed analysis

You can monitor analyze and get the reports of various information of water flow, pressure, and flow rate in the different pipelines across the world.

Control of each inlet

You can be cautious about water usage pattern at each consumption in both residential and industrial areas. Reducing water usage and saving can be done at the fingertips.

Instant notification on leakages

In case if there is any leakage, the connected devices raise an alarm signal immediately.

Monitor from anywhere

If you have moved to another country or out of the station and forgot to close the tap, do not worry. With our app, you can immediately shut off the water supply.

Automatic billing

There is no need for collating or monthly meter reading, bills are automatically generated and sent seamlessly.

24/7 support team

Our dedicated support team is available at any time to help you and solve the issues instantly.

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smart water management system using iot

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KarIoT adopts new standard for water technology and meets industrial, commercial, and residential needs. The efficient system monitors the quality & quantity of water distributed to every household integrated with the power of IoT solution.

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