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KarIoT End to End Smart Water Management Solution for Residential, High Rise Apartment, Town Houses, Villas.

  • +Installation
  • +Flowmeters
  • +Sensors
  • MLD+Real time data
Highrise Buldingflow

Extended Motor Usageand Maintenance

Intelligent control of water pumps, motors, and valves by smart scheduling and remote operation. Activated only when necessary, reducing wear and tear, and prolonging lifespan.

Flow Pipe Usage Motor
Motor Status
Automatic Shut Off

Pump Controller with Automatic Dry Run Shut Off.

Record Level
Record water levels

Record water consumption real-time at storage sumps.

Tanker Lorry Management

Automated Tanker Lorry Management

Intelligently managing and streamlining the procurement and delivery of water tankers and ensuring the effective distribution of water.

Real-time Water Level Monitoring

Continuously monitor water levels in overhead tanks, sumps, and borewells, providing instant updates on water consumption and availability.

Water Monitoring
Pay Per Usage

Automatic Tanker Lorry Management Monitors, Manages & automates processes involved in loading & unloading tanker water.

WaterQuality Monitoring & Management

Continuous assessment and measurement of various quality parameters to determine the suitability and to ensure a safe reliable water supply.

Water Quality Monitor
Sewage Treatment Plant
Automation of Water Treatment Facilities

Precise tracking and measurement of critical parameters, including chlorine, pH, TDS, BOD, COD, and TSS. Consistent and unmatched efficiency in water treatment plant STP/WTP operations.

Immediate ROI(Return on Investment)
  • Cost Reduction

    Maintenance Cost Reduction

    Predictive maintenance via smart water solutions slashes costs by up to 12%.

  • Data Driven

    Data-Driven Decision-Making

    Real-time insights from smart water solutions enable cost-effective water distribution.

  • Energy Savings

    Energy Savings

    Lower water use equals reduced energy costs, often 30% of a utility's budget.

  • Remote Control

    Remote Monitoring and Control

    Remote control saves time and labor, simplifying water management.

Smart Lighting
ScheduledSmart Lighting Solution

Efficiently managing energy consumption by precisely scheduling lighting systems ON/OFF and automated control in shared areas like hallways, entrances, and communal spaces.

Multi-User Dashboard for Association Members

A centralized platform with the capability to analyze, visualize consumption patterns, generate bills, efficiently monitor, and track anomalies thereby minimizing manual efforts.

Dashboard Audit

KarIoT Smart Water Solution

Start Saving Water with Us
Apartments are Capitalizing these Advantages of KarIoT
  • Automate Motor & Valve operations
    Automate Motor & Valve operations

    Manage valves, check water levels, and schedule ON/OFF actions remotely and automatically.

  • Pay Per Usage

    Precise, fair, and automated billing system based on the individual resident's water consumption.

  • Automated Water Readings & billing
    Automated Water Readings & billing

    Simplify the billing process with automated invoicing, payment options, and reduce administrative tasks.

  • Automatic tanker Lorry Management
    Automatic tanker Lorry Management

    Monitor, manage, and automate processes involved in procuring and receiving tanker water.

  • Energy Audit & Data Analysis
    Energy Audit & Data Analysis

    Monitoring the status of inflow and outflow, analyzing equipment functionality, and energy audits.

  • Water Quality Monitoring
    Water Quality Monitoring

    Measure pH, TDS, Chlorine, etc., content in water and trigger instant alerts for anomalies.

Clients Who are Saving Ton’s of Water Every Year

KarIoT maintains a stronger & healthy relationship with our prospective clients that drive growth and sustainability. We ensure that our products ease water management and perform well in their environment.


KarIoT solution to Reduce water Stress in the Panchayat of Tiruchendur(JJM)

KarIoT provides a scalable dashboard and instant monitoring of the environment.KarIoT can provide smart, portable, and cost-effective solutions to the panchayat without a huge investment.

  • Digitally-enabled water supply infrastructure will help in real-time monitoring and evidence-based policymaking
  • Automated alerts to notify the key personals of inconsistencies, malfunctions and anomalies
  • Monitoring and audits of energy consumption from pumps and filtering plants etc
  • Automated and remote control of water valves


KarIoT solution for complete online monitoring in HECS

HECS provides state-of-the-art and turnkey solutions in STP and has executed over 500 water and wastewater plants in industrial sectors in India and overseas

  • IoT sensors enable instant and remote monitoring of the flow, levels, conditions and quality of treated water.
  • Efficiency monitoring and tracking of motors, pumps, air backwash blowers, etc., to regulate energy consumption.
  • Detection and monitioring of the harmful components in effluent prior to discharge in a water body/reuse.
  • Instant report generation on the complete treatment process in accordance with central pollution control board.


Ganesh Towers has now implemented Automatic Water Billing & Management Using KaIoT

Ganesh Towers is a shopping mall with showrooms, retail shops, and restaurants. It acts as the business center and a hub for commercial rental spaces

  • Our KarIoT device provides a dynamic billing system.
  • Water consumption for the individual shop has been identified using a flow meter.
  • The overall water level and water consumption for individual shops are displayed on the dashboard.


KarIoT intervention in GEE GEE KAY's Chemical storage facilities

Gee Gee kay is one of the leading manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers of industrial chemicals in the country.

  • Reduce infrastructure cost for real time monitoring over the Scada solution by 60%
  • Providing real-time data via a cloud server and accessible on web and mobile devices.
  • Automated all manual operations with regular shift-based reports.Drastically reduce manual efforts and labor cost.
  • Alert on fluctuations thereby reducing the overall product loss.

Water is the biggest
humanitarian crisis in the history
of independent India


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