• Maintenance and monitoring of largescale STP in order to operate unobstructed is itself challenging
  • Failure to manually inspect anomalies in the treatment process can affect the final effluent quality
  • Require sizeable manpower to manually record and monitor plant operations on a continuous basis.
  • To manually monitor the condition of mechanical components, and inspect filters, diffusers, pipes, etc.
  • STPs utilize a lot of electricity and any lapse in manual monitoring can lead to huge production loss


  • IoT sensors enable instant and remote monitoring of the flow, levels, condition, and quality of treated water.
  • 24*7 monitoring of equipment functioning that boosts maintenance and instant triggers for any sudden breakdown.
  • Efficiency monitoring and tracking of motors, pumps, air backwash blowers, etc., to regulate energy consumption.
  • Detection and monitoring of the harmful components in effluent prior to discharge in a water body/reuse.
  • Instant report generation on the complete treatment process in accordance with Central Pollution Control Board.


KarIoT is able to address all the above issues by installing IoT devices and multiple sensors (for flow, level, quality etc.) without disrupting the existing supply system and infrastructure. All the information collected is securly stored over cloud and readily available for monitoring and analysis. Unlike alternate methods, KarIoT is able tp provide smart, portable and cost-effective solution to the panchayat without a huge investment.

Water is the biggest
humanitarian crisis in the history
of independent India


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