• Difficult to manually estimate storage capacity of sulphuric acid
  • Irregular shape of tanks
  • High temperature which generate toxic fumes
  • Lack of alerts/warnings for fluctuations in steam/temperature levels
  • Relying on traditional SCADA to get data
  • Expensive installation and maintenance of SCADA
  • Tedious and elaborate process to access data


  • Integrated KarIoT's IoT solution with PLC and removed SCADA for data acquisition
  • Reduce infrastructure cost for real time monitoring over the scada solution by 60%
  • Providing real-time data via a cloud server and accessible on web and mobile devices
  • Alerts and warning system for any tampering or fluctuation in temperature levels, fumes, etc
  • Introduced weighment integration to check the weight of the product without manual intervention
  • Automated all manual operations with regular shift-based reports. Drastically reduce manual efforts and labor costs
  • Alert on fluctuations thereby reducing the overall product loss


KarIoT has brought innovation to their modern acid storage facilities by automating and providing a cost-effective solution. Gee Gee Kay and its team are now able to operate and get real-time updates of all operations from a smart device thereby increasing their production quality and quality.

Water is the biggest
humanitarian crisis in the history
of independent India


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