• Inaccurate manual recordings
  • Water quality fluctuations and inability to counter setbacks
  • Prolonged response/down time if water is contamination
  • Lack of alerting system in case of water overflow or leakage or poor quality
  • Inability to track activity like flow, level and consumption
  • Physical log of data without digital archive for analysis
  • Increase in operational and labor cost


  • Digitally-enabled water supply infrastructure will help in real-time monitoring and evidence-based policymaking
  • Digitisation of water supply infrastructure has the potential to help the Gram Panchayats as 'local public utility'
  • Complete 24/7 control of the water supply system and its facilities in real-time
  • Birds-view management of the system remotely via web and a mobile application
  • Automated alerts to notify the key personals of inconsistencies, malfunctions and anomalies
  • Monitoring and audits of energy consumption from pumps and filtering plants etc
  • Automated and remote control of water valves
  • Predictive analysis and behavior of water systems in different weather conditions


KarIoT is able to address all the above issues by installing IoT devices and multiple sensors (for flow, level, quality etc.) without disrupting the existing supply system and infrastructure. All the information collected is securly stored over cloud and readily available for monitoring and analysis. Unlike alternate methods, KarIoT is able tp provide smart, portable and cost-effective solution to the panchayat without a huge investment.

Water is the biggest
humanitarian crisis in the history
of independent India


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